Max, Gulli, Erin and I went to see Robert Lindsay starring as Captain Hook in Peter Pan at Richmond Theatre tonight, it was great!
My tv/film/ad music agent Christine (in glasses next to me) is Robert's sister in law, her sister Rosemarie Ford is Robert's wife (at the back in the wreath on the right).
Such a lovely festive fun night out and great to see them all again including Jodie and I got to meet her son Adam who is a musician at Tring, we plan to get the kids together for a jam. 
Rosie booked an area at a local pub and we had drinks and snacks together, so lovely.
I reccommend this show, Robert is brilliant and Smee is hilarious!
Photo by Max Ellis.

In other news I have A NEW TOOTH!!! Today I had the last of 10 appointments and now have an amazing new implant! Hurrah!!

I walked around Kensington and up to Notting Hill and did a bit of shopping.

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