By Bom

Sunshine on Weybourne

G, H and I went for a nearly 5 mile walk over Kelling Heath this morning. It was a beautiful walk, but it's a good job H knows the area well as I wouldn't have a clue where I was going and there were no signposts anywhere. This is the view over to Weybourne and the sea from the Kelling Heath holiday park where we stopped for a hot drink. The land drops away quickly as it is on the Cromer Ridge, a nearly 9 mile long ridge which was the front line of the ice sheet at the last glaciation. It is the highest land in East Anglia at up to 102 metres high - so don't believe the myth that all of East Anglia is flat!!! I've also included an extra of a tractor ploughing a field and attracting a load of gulls in the process. 

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