I hardly ever need to make an EB but today I forgot al about taking photos and now I am tired. So unfocussed that I have just clicked on something and lost everything I had just written in blip. Damn.

Anyhow, here we are in our native environment, in a relaxed state, drinking home brewed bitter beer, eating crisps and peanuts. Everything isn't the glossy, picture perfect impression you might get from all those delightful windows I put on blip. This is reality too! There is some fish soup left over from yesterday and we will have that later with some very nice camembert and a tasty ciabatta I bought at Lidl this afternoon. Keith has been binge watching "killing Eve" whilst I have been out, but it sounds so good I might have to watch it anyhow. I tend to shy away from death and tension...

I went to town (soggier than home and with snow falling as little white balls of polystyrene) to get sherry and some red wine, in case we are inundated with visitors. It turns out that the visitors who were due to come for Christmas are no longer coming. They are very tired and need to rest rather than have a wild time with us. (we are so not wild) We have had Christmas just the two of us on more than one occasion and enjoyed it, very relaxed and peaceful - and plenty of time to ring the folks in England too. So all is well. Gospel music in the cathedral tomorrow evening, which should be good.

Anyhow, there is snow, we have plenty of food and we have now got a plentiful supply of the wet stuff too. There are concerts and services to attend, and we have plenty of beds. And chocolate, did I mention the chocolate? And the mince pies in the freezer. So if you're passing, drop in!

I didn't buy any lights at all. Such control!

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