Happy Valley

By HappyValley

Fight club

A morning spent faffing around with the horses, a bit of a hair trim and beard tidy before the horses were returned to the field with full bellies.

Then onto dog walking which Evie joined us for. As usual, Sigyn was ganged up on and Evie barked encouragement at Talisker to maul her.

Talisker and I then spent a lovely hour or two in the role of Therapet. He wore his reindeer antlers (with bells on) and slowly and quietly paid attention to everyone whilst live music played. He danced a bit. Snuggled a bit. Sniffed a lot. Got stroked by all. And bought smiles to everyone's faces. He aced it!

A quick zoom home to drop him off to his bed before I returned to town for a shift. Thankfully not a sleep-in and I am now back home :)

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