Pictorial blethers

By blethers


It's not really a village. There are no shops, no pub - just a few wooden houses and a red telephone box. The building nearest to the camera is a woodworker's shed, and the scent in the air tells the story of woodburning stoves and fires. The road up the glen glistens after the latest shower, and in the background there is the constant gentle rush of the river in its lower reaches, the river that roars down the Glen Massan gorge a mile or so further along the road.

This is a walk I always find calming and restorative, whatever the weather. There are few cars to disturb the peace - though today we had in fact to rescue a hapless van driver who was looking for Hunter's Quay and had an adventure doing a ten-point turn (directed by us two) when we told him where it was. The proximity of the river made the manoeuvre all the more interesting ... 

I don't think he felt at all calm and restored, but I did.

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