By feorlean

...still making it work...

Five years ago - almost to the day - at our Private Office Christmas party I blipped a picture of Ellen who was them my Private Secretary alongside Laura, who was her predecessor, under the title “making it work”.

Today’s picture is of Ellen with her successor, Kirsty (and at the same event) . Kirsty has been working with me for the last two and a half years - since I came back into Government - running an increasingly busy and fast growing office. She also worked as as Assistant PS for a while when I was Cabinet Secretary for Educiaton.

I am very fortunate in those I work with on every level, and in Edinburgh and my constituency. I couldn’t do half of what I do without their input, organisational skills, forethought and advice. Whatever the pressures - and there are many - they keep the show on the road,and make sure that I do what I should do, where I should be doing it.

And sometimes making sure I dont do what I shouldn’t do !


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