Made my Day

For half an hour I sat with three others in the hide with our eyes fixed on the cleared channel where the bittern is so often seen. Its had daily sightings. As the hide started to fill I was having a good chat with those around me who had come well prepared for the wait with their packed lunch and flasks. Then someone mentioned that they thought they could see it in the reeds. Up the binoculars went and everyone was hunting for the spot. Lots of directions for the spot: along the channel to the trees, move along the tree line to the right and then 10ft back towards us. Not sure they were all looking in the same place and with no binoculars I had no hope but I relayed updates between them all! After sometime of watching what most decided in the end was a stick I was chatting to my neighbour when I looked up and then I'm saying, 'Is that the bittern?'. Where?? There... was repeated several times as he moved through the clearing in the reeds out of sight but he did turn and give us a second chance of a view before heading into the reed bed behind. How exciting and such a fabulous and friendly crowd of birdwatchers to share the occasion

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