By seizetheday

Doddington Moor

Solstice greetings!
Had hoped to visit Duddo Stone Circle today, but it was not to be. C'est la vie!

After catching up on a few chores and some admin, spent a while this morning photographing a bouzouki before its new owner came to fetch it this afternoon. Meanwhile, MM came to play some classical music with MrM (that was the excuse, but it didn't seem to be long before they were playing traditional Irish tunes...).

Walked down to the garden centre this afternoon, to buy more pansies for the 'yard and a plant to decorate the porch, but mostly to get some fresh air and to stretch my legs. On the way there, I took a few shots of Doddington Moor - somewhere on the hill there are cup and ring marked rocks, and a stone circle but, so far, MrM and I haven't been to find them. On my list of places to go...

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