The Artist's Eye

By ArtistAnnie

Duma Asleep on the Chair

I've been missing taking photos and messing around with them. I recently changed purses so I could start carrying around my little RX100 again instead of using my phone to grab shots for the few blips I've been doing lately. I was missing taking more thought out pictures. Today I took out the RX100 and went around the house taking photos I could later play with using the in camera software. I have the original model and the software is there. They got rid of it in the newer models. No idea why. So this photo of Duma is with the "watercolor" filter. Then I added texture using the Topaz clarity filter in Photoshop. It feels good to be paying attention to photography again.

Yesterday evening my good friends came down from Canada for our annual Christmas celebration. They stayed over. Shelly, Steve and Helena joined us so there were nine all together. My friends are vegan so I cooked a vegan stew with a rice-quinoa combo and artichokes. The meal went over well. We finished with a delicious apple pie from Costco. 

I've known the family since their oldest child was three. Now she's 18, her brother is 15 and her younger sister is 10. Time goes by so fast. These three kids are my pseudo grand kids and I love them, and their wonderful parents too. It was their first time meeting Shelly and that was lovely. We all had a fantastic time together.

The extra is a fiddled photo of a small cat sculpture I have.

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