Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

The Winter Solstice and Fiona Friday

It’s a full moon. it’s the solstice, the longest night of the year. It’s Fiona Friday.  AND it’s our 55th Anniversary!

We’ll be having a lovely dinner out for 2 tomorrow, but today we picked Fi up -school’s out 1 hour early!, (it was pajama day at school) went to a store and bought anniversary roses, then to MOHAI to sit in the cafe at “our” table with snacks (and coffee!)  and then to play with lots of the imagination things.   (She loves that “lightbulb going off” metaphor, and wanted the pose in front of it outside the building).  She also loves the old time Seattle logo windows from the 1962 World’s Fair era —we have to twirl all the wheels at once to make them move.- and she likes building things and taking photos of her creation. She is an 8 yo kid.  Then we still had lots of time.   Taking a break from”christmas” we thot we’d see a movie..Fiona wanted to See Mary Poppins Returns…”Fiona, have you seen the original?  “No”…Well, OK that’s what we’ll do!  So we watched the 1964 version while we ate popcorn, hummus and chips, chocolate milkshake, (F) sushi (H and I) cheese pizza, orange juice and wine(H and I), ice cream, ( Fi)  strawberries and cookies!   We all loved this movie!!!!!  She paid attention and we all had much fun with the songs and the jokes.  Then we took her home and I managed to catch the full moon from our roof deck before it was totally obscured by clouds,.     SO…a very fine anniversary…with appropriate ties to the early 60s. (we got married in 1963)

In other news, the storm yesterday totally devastated the gulf islands and surroundings…many trees and power poles and lines down  300000 out of power.  It might take a week to get to us for repairs… so we’ll see about our plans for going there on the 27th… maybe……

OK I have to quit this and go have a bit of an aquavit toast with my bridegroom! 

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