By ninniex

Sunset sizzle........

.....after an extremely hot day. I believe we reached 40.3deg today. Thank heavens for air-conditioning! 

We were at the farmers market at 7:00am to beat the heat - so were half the western suburbs!!  (see extras) and yes, I bought some of those gorgeous gerberas.

I believe this is my 5 year anniversary! I'm amazed I managed to stick to the  challenge........I admit to losing my mojo regularly but addiction is difficult to fight ;-))

Thank you to all of you who still check in on occasion even though my commenting has waned somewhat. You are a terrific bunch :-))
And, many thanks to the amazing group of blip stalwarts who give of their time so readily to keep us rolling along. Awesome!! 

And while I'm on a roll - may I wish you all a very merry and safe Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!!

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