One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Most definitely beginning to look like Christmas

Luca was in town to see a play in Temple Bar by the very brilliant Emmet Kirwan
I did not quite fancy him walking on his own through this part of town much favoured by drunken tourists and opportunistic hyenas. So I met up with him at Wow Burgers (Wow, the place is packed, Wow, the place is loud, Wow, the burgers cost how much?!?!) and escorted him to the Project Arts Centre. 
Then I quickly grabbed a Dublin Bike and paddled like a bat out of hell to catch up with Alan and Larry in very festive mood. 
Time for three pints and much banter and then it was time to go and collect a very enthusiastic Luca who loved Dublin Old School. 
Rather than head straight to Pearse Street station, we headed back to Smith's for another last pint or two with the Elf and the Broken Man. 
Luca discovered what pubs are all about. Loud, sweaty people getting louder and sweatier (and poorer) as the night progresses and old age Dad-types discussing attic conversions. 
In fact he mostly had a conversation with Alan on the rise of socialism in Eastern Europe while I volunteered to listen to Larry discuss his attic conversion. 
Then we headed back into Dun Laoghaire and grabbed a chipper on the way back home. 

I also managed to fit in another splash at the Forty Foot. 

A good day. A day when the Mistake Factory feels like a slightly surreal, rather unpleasant memory. 

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