R.I.P. Foxy, such a lovely little boy

Foxy was acting funny last night when we went to bed. We had a lot of visitors and he normally would be mooching around looking for food or for someone to stroke him.
He couldn't stand properly and only managed a few steps when I carried him outside to do a wee around midnight. 
He didn't do anything and lay on the concrete slabbed patio, which isn't like him, so I carried him back up the stairs. I put him into his bed but he got out and went underneath my bed. 
Jonty started acting up during the night and I found Foxy had done a wee underneath my bed cos he couldn't move. I think, in hindsight, he had a stroke and then at 0800 Jonty jumped up and scratched at the door, foxy was retching but no sick. We think Jonty was trying to alert us that something was wrong.
I took him downstairs but he just lay on the ground. Picked him up and he made some noise and then died in my arms, I could feel his heartbeat but it stopped as I was feeling his chest and he went floppy.
I think he must have had a stroke last night and the retching was probably a heart attack.
I was going to take him to Doggy School (that's what Jonty calls it) in 2019. We'd done a bit of training and he was doing 'Send Away' as if he had gone every week, he remembered things so well.

The top photo of the collage is when I was taking him out into the garden for the last time. I've kept the bed but he's lying on his bed cushion.
RIP Foxy, you are certainly going to be missed, I really loved that little dog.

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