Milestone 2190

The past 6 years I have taken a picture every day and placed on this site. Dec 6, 2012 I started the blip virus. The first month not yet every day but from January 1, 2013, I did not skip a single day and made a photo every day that I posted on as soon as possible. It is a real challenge to always make a new photo.
In the years I made photos of events, nature, architecture, urbex, macro, landscape, still lifes and everything that came before the lens.
Thanks to your warm comments, it is always fun to take on the challenge.
I thought it appropriate to take the first camera of my father for this anniversary. A Kodak Brownie. A camera that certainly has not made 2190 photos (was far too expensive all those photo rolls). A glass wine to toast and some Christmas apples and decorations to remember the time of the year.
The first time I used this camera for the blip was January 4, 2013 see
Of course the virus is not yet controlled and we just continue. See if we are still full for a year with different photos.
Thanks again to all my followers on, Flickr, YouPic, Facebook or wherever!

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