By spannarama

Cadogan Hall

Felt a bit sick today, but pretty sure it's a bug rather than a hangover, as a) I really didn't drink much yesterday at all and b) Tim's also been feeling nauseous for a couple of days.  The good news was, eating made me feel better, so I did a lot of that all day!

Had a good old rest today (with a bit of PS4 thrown in for good measure).  Went out this evening with my boss and our database consultant - we met up for dinner first at Cote in Sloane Square, then went on to Cadogan Hall to see Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band.  Proper geeky evening, but we all loved it.  Maddy Prior even came and said hello in the interval (she always does the rounds!) while we were sipping our mulled wines.

Great evening.  Tim came to meet me at the station when I got home, and we proceeded to stay up very late :)

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