By Missycat

Christmas Eve

Today was another busy one as we prepared for our large gathering tomorrow.  Rather ironic that as I toiled, I listened to a programme on Radio Four, discussing just what exactly constitutes enough effort, as opposed to too much, in order to create the supposedly perfect Christmas...
Late this afternoon, we went to our local church, St John's for their family service which took a different format this year: recently the service at 5pm has been a Christingle Service, whereas today, an hour earlier, the Nativity was reenacted, giving us a reminder of the true reason for Christmas, albeit that the service was short and a little abrupt.
My blip is a phone shot of the church, a collage to capture the astonishing light displays that they do so well. 
In extras, Violet hugging a good nursery school friend as they met, taking a closer look at the crib.
Wishing you all a happy Christmas, wherever in the world you may be. 

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