By Birgit

Too late

With Bert at work until seven tonight, there was a whole day to fill by myself. Although the temperature was around the freezing point, it promised to be a beautiful day. Dressed sufficiently warmly I got on my bicycle for a nice trip. I had a large tour, partly also through Germany and Belgium, in mind, with a coffee break in forest café 't Hijgend Hert. 't Hijgend Hert says to be open every day on its website. I wanted to test that, but by the time I had to turn left,  I decided to cycle straight ahead. No need to discover that it was closed after all.

At the end of my cycle ride, I climbed the Gulperberg. I found this on the Internet :
The climb up starting in the village Partij is less than 700 meters long. With over 300 meters above 11%, this is a real killer for some cyclists.  The steepest part is often just a little too long,  but on top, you can enjoy a nice view of the surroundings on a bench.
Well, no bench this time, for it was too cold.

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