... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Archengel?

More uplifting in large.
1. Red-breasted goose flapping out
2. Ross'sling maintains composure during a melee
3. "The [d]uck stops here" (Ross'sling and pigeon scare Chiloe wigeon into tripping over...)

It was upsetting not to be able to go to have the usual coffee (and oats) with the Goosles, but we went to have coffee with the (most beloved) Ross'sling and its family, because they're positive kin.
It was very quiet at St. James's Park and it was rather grey, but the birds were all doing their usual things so that was grounding.

The Ross's geese all did quite a bit of flapping after preening, as well as some pointing, shakingsnoozingcontorting, grazing, posing, and peering.
I also photographed the Chiloe wigeon flapping and preening, a feeding frenzy, a shelduck spiral-flapping (because one wing is clipped), and a black swan looking beautiful, flapping, and pottering about with the (mostly white) cygnets, amongst others.
Funniest moment was a Chiloe wigeon tripping over whilst running away from the Ross'sling and its tag-team pigeon friend.

My blip was shot 9 of a 10-shot series (right from here); I took quite a few flapping series...
Others here (or right from Bar-headed goose posing)

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