Quite tranquil day.
I cut 3 dresses. sewed 2 of them.

Went to see Jen. I was glad she liked what I gave her for Christmas.

More Christmas foods. All tastes so good.

Dogs have been sleeping all day long after yesterday.

In the evening we went to our neighbor's for drinks. There we got to taste a Christmas cake that David have done each Christmas from 1976 sine he found the recipe in Good housekeeping (or some similar magazine). The cake was fantastic, but very VERY heavy. Even with a small piece I feel like my stomach is cemented. It was meant to be eaten with cheese! But again - very good. Apparently that's the way you eat your Christmas cake in the northern parts of England.

Now I need to go lay next to my stomach and tomorrow I need to do some serious calorie burning.

But what a treat it is to have neighbors from all around Europe and get to hear and taste their customs and treats!

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