By davesfotos

Gas delivery and a skilful driver

Freezing start -2C but it soon became bright and sunny although still very cold.
I was out by 9.15 for the weekly shopping arriving to find a near empty supermarket car park in fact I thought they were closed.
Once inside I was pleased to find full shelves and everything I wanted in stock and not many customers.
The greengrocer and DIY store were the same and I was back home in an hour.
Unpacked and having coffee before a bit of kitchen work, then to my shed.
I started on 2 little projects and spent a happy hour and a half watched over by Molly who's always interested in what I'm making.
So I knocked off at noon without any photos except one I took when I arrived to our lane of our neighbors gas delivery and a skilful driver.
Back to the shed later with some painting to do or I might watch some boxing day football on TV.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have a good day too.

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