George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Merry Christmas

To be brutally honest I don't understand this Christmas business.  BUT, I do like it.  For starters, I got to visit places I've never seen before, meet brand new peoples and generally have a good time. 

So we started by going to a house about 10 minutes drive away, and I got plonked in the back seat, which I like.  When we was there, I got to meet two new dogs and I think one of them fell totally in love with me, because he got overly friendly.  But because I am innocent in such matters I didn't know what was going on so, everybody laughed but took him away quick smart.

Then we did get back in the car and go for a much longer drive, and I did meet a new man ( HER brother, I think they said) and a new cat.  The cat and me was very curious about each other, but it went pretty well on the whole.  THEN, we did get back in the car and go to Aunty Wendy's where we did have lunch and I got bits of turkey which I thought was pretty special.  Then we did sit for a bit and came home again.

And then Aunty Wendy did come up to our house for tea, and I got bits of chicken and ham and all sorts of other yummy stuff.

So, by and large, I think I like Christmas - the only downside is that it's only once a year. 

And I hope that you all had as good a Christmas as I did.

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