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By Sallymair

Nutty as a fruitcake?

This is the tiny walnut which I found in Morningside in the autumn. Although I've loved looking at it, it's a nut, so its entire purpose is to be eaten!
So without more ado, I got out my new reindeer nutcrackers, which I found in a charity shop earlier this month and polished up, and decided to crack on. (groan)
The nutcracker worked beautifully, I managed not to crush my fingers and the nut split perfectly. Inside, I suppose not surprisingly, was a perfect walnut, which tasted delicious. I don't think I've ever eaten a locally grown walnut before, so please excuse my excitement but it really was good!
A fairly quiet day today after yesterday's excitements, we went out to the Gyle briefly, it wasn't too busy, and got some basics from the M&S sale, had a quick look in Monsoon where the sale was not very exciting then went round to Ali's for coffee.
Back home I had a long doze which was clearly what I was needing as I woke up quite refreshed. We had a left overs dinner finishing off all yesterday's veg as well as the Christmas pudding. The evening finished with a game of Trivial Pursuit where little sis managed to hold her own, we didn't let her actually win though, that would never do.
Only 5000 steps today, but it was one of my days off. Back on the target trail tomorrow.

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