By dfb24

Abstract Thursday "Bling"

We're having a really nasty weather day--pouring rain--& when I came home after running some errands I looked as if I'd taken a shower with all my clothes on! The only good thing is that it's not snow....at least, not yet! 
After I dried off I read a couple of tutorials on using water drops on glass for refraction (because I had a vague idea about using some colored rhinestones I have), and it sounded relatively easy....only as usual, it wasn't. I read that karo syrup works better than water because it holds it's shape better and I did my experimenting out on the back porch, which is enclosed, but not heated, thinking the karo syrup wouldn't move at all because of the cold.....wrong. Some of them merged together, and I had trouble getting my camera in the position I wanted. I used a flashlight for some additional light. Out of the bunch I took, I liked this one best, but I'll have to try it again sometime--I think maybe the glass wasn't close enough to the rhinestones. If anyone has any comments/suggestions, feel free to share them with me. Trial and error! 
Thanks much Ingeborg for hosting AbstractThursday.   :)))

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