Every Day Is A holiday!

By musings

Bountiful Bushtits

I'm so glad my husband broke down and installed a few cakes of suet, as the bushtits have been visiting ever since his change of mind. He was sure that it would just attract squirrels (NOT), and that it would not be eaten....but the sweet bushtits have been arriving in flocks and making me very very happy:)))

Today I also got a quick shot of my resident Cooper's Hawk, although it was pouring rain, and I only got two shots, neither which were full frame, so I'm not even going to post them. He comes everyday...but as you well know, that means you have to be sitting there READY to snap a photo!!!

I finished my 4th collage today, and put black paint on the edges....next they need to be screwed into the frame, and I need to figure out a signature....I'm new to this ART thing, and cannot quite imagine I'm actualy going to "sign" my work, so I need to figure out what that will look like.

Today was also my "Christmas" as two wonderful packages of art supplies arrived...one was this amazing tape that is made in Japan and comes in creative artist patterns (called Washi Tape), and then I received another package which contained some amazing distress ink/pads and other fun stuff. I'm itching to get back to the studio and play with my "presents". I guess, If everyday is a Holiday, then today can be my Christmas:))))

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