Annie and Chris

By AnnieAndChris


Blip number 2555. Seven years, no gaps. It’s hard to believe.

We still love the challenge of getting a photo a day. There have been some near misses, but no cheats. Our relationship with the site has changed over the years, with me (Annie) being technical director for the community, it’s more like work; so most of the pictures are Chris’. We usually separate this journal entirely from that work - the last thing I want is a debate on the workings of tags on our own journal! Suffice to say it takes a fair amount of free time, effort and stress to run the site, which I wish people would remember more often when getting forthright in the tech support desk. There are 4 of us, plus the community blog - the whole community needs to be its own active PR machine.

But overall it’s been amazing - we have seven years of our lives documented to look back on. Happy blipday to the remaining class of 1st Jan 2012!

Today wasn’t going to be an interesting day to help us celebrate 7 years, but then a let down by other people caused us to rethink our day dramatically. So - by 11am we’d decided to come to Switzerland, by 3:30pm we were on a plane, and by 8pm we were in our hotel room near Lucerne. Here’s a long exposure in one of the bending tunnels near Lucerne.

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