Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A favourite view

I'm looking across the fields that divide the start of Glen Massan from Stratheck, a favourite view that I often hurry past because (a) it's the very start of a walk (b) Mr PB gets fed up with me always stopping to take photos and is often frozen at this stage (c) there's a fence in the way unless, as today, I leave the road and stick the camera between the railings. There are also telegraph wires right across the view; tonight I've spent several laborious minutes getting rid of them, just because ...

Although I'm missing my family after the brief reunion over Christmas, it was good to be out in the fresh air again, good to be walking briskly uphill in boots, good to realise that it wasn't actually dark at 4pm - a combination, I think, of a light sky and the slowly advancing year. Later, much further up the glen, we spoke to some sheep who were feeding at a sort of manger thing and I took a photo of another favourite view from the bridge over the River Massan. I've added them as extras, because I have four left and only two more days of this allocation.

Besides, I felt the sheep were sort of seasonal ...

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