All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Oh, balls!!

In fact, I'm reminded of this blip of my sister's.
Silly Mehmet has pulled out the stitches in his now empty scrotum. I had to take him back up to the vet to have the area flushed out with saline. He was also given an antibiotic injection and an appointment for the main clinic in Manama tomorrow morning, to repair the damage.  Damn and blast – this is my own fault; I shouldn't have taken off the lampshade collar so soon, but he had us lulled into a false sense of security.  So good and placid in all other respects; he must have got bored overnight!
I've done a quick tally up, and he is the 14th cat we've had in the past 40-odd years. Some of their stories are recounted in a blip about Holly. They are/were:
Beetle (sadly she was killed when still a kitten)
Boiled Egg 
Rosemary (didn't last long - had to go back to the SPCA as too savage!)
Tiger Tim
Holly (to whom Nicky was terribly allergic)
Toby & Tabitha, our current NZ cats
With the exception of poor wee Beetle, I've had them all neutered and none of them ripped their stitches out. That could be because they were all operated on as kittens, and the majority have been female cats. I've never had to have an adult tomcat castrated before, so perhaps I was expecting too much…..
Coco doesn't care two hoots, but she has to be the emergency blip as the only other thing we did today was make a quick trip to Seef Mall, in order to exchange the sweater I gave Nicky for Christmas (it was a bit small).  We were served by the fashion adviser!

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