Start Bay at Year's End

The air was so still today that the sea was like a millpond. And the low sun made it shine with pools of liquid silver. My first Extra  takes in Slapton Ley, too, on the right-hand edge of the picture. The second is of the stream flowing down to Landcome Cove that lies between Blackpool Sands and Slapton Sands.

It's the first time we've walked down (and up again) the coastal path's steep sided valley since Mr PP had his new hip. We had planned an extended walk as the weather is so fine and mild, but unfortunately, as my vision went wonky pre-migraine-style, we curtailed it. The resulting headache, though still with me, is as mild as the weather, so could be a lot worse.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Only one day left of 2018 (hence my using up my Extras before time runs out).

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