RSD Photo's Mexican Life

By rsdphotography

Christmas Crowds

I am back on the blip train after almost two months of sporadic postings (though I am now totally caught up with no gaps in my recent journal) and little to no commentating (I'm going to pick that back up as well). I often talk about how great it is to live in Mexico, especially after a visit to the United States like our recent trip. There are a couple times of the year when it is more of a challenge to be here, Christmas and Semana Santa. The crowds have been arriving since before we returned, but they will here in full force for the next few days. I read that hotels in our area are expecting 100% occupancy for New Years. We were told to take down our volleyball net today because they need the space for all the people arriving by bus and car. This was taken before that happened as you can see the net in the far left of this five-shot panorama. As I say every year, this only last for a short while, then we will have our beautiful beach back.

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