By Ridgeback13


P emailed this morning to say he was going to come up with presents so did some tidying then we met up at Mt&H’s. He seemed on much better form and back to his normal self thank goodness.
Books, wine, photos and other such exchanges later we headed out to pub at Milton Bryan for lunch.
T joined us -looking very tired!- and we had a good lunch with AR and P taking it in turns to do little portraits of everyone on her magic slate. She was getting very good at doing the features by the end.
Back and we decided to watch a film together. Mx went to bed and AR asked questions all the way through Frozen...she wanted to understand and analyse everything. Mx woke before the end and they sat and cuddled on the sofa...very cute
Back to K’s to try and make progress on kitchen planning. Complicated and frustrating not to find an easy app to use to draw things out.
A&N popped in on their way home from Scarborough...N full of cold and very sorry for himself.
Bit more bingeing on The Good Place in the evening whilst I carried on fiddling with the kitchen design app

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