George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

At the Beach

The. Best. Ever. Day. In. My. Entire. Life.  No exceptions.

So - we got into the car this morning, and I knew it was going to be a long trip because I got strapped into my snuggy on the back seat.  Then, I have to be honest, I wented to sleep.

When I did wake up we was in the strangest place.  THEY said it was called Goolwa.  All sorts of strange smells, and I've never been anywhere like it ever before.  And we did have a picnic, and I got bits of chicken, and it was delicious.  And then..... and then ..... and then..... we did go for a walk.  And I got so excited I was running down this track (if you look at HER blip you can see the track), and up the other side, and she did let the lead slip, and I gallop-ted off into the distance (until I realised she wasn't there any more, and I did run back again).  And we went down a steep hill, and I DID SEE THE SEA.  And I could smell it, and it smelt wonderful and I did get to go for a paddle!!!!! Yes, I did.  And this little wave did rush towards me, and I did run away, and then I did run back after it again.  It was the bestest fun in the whole wide world.  And I was so thirsty I did have a little sip, and it did taste HORRIBLE. So we didn't stay any longer, because we had to get back to the car so I could have a drink, because it was getting a bit hot, and they didn't think to bring me any water, because the trail was longer than they thought it was going to be.

I love the beach better than anything, and I want to go again ever so soon.  But they said if it gets too hot, we can't go.  So we might have to wait until it's a bit cooler. 

There's one good thing about this Goolwa place, it's much cooler than Adelaide, even on hot days, so maybe we can go SOON.

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