All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Behind a yellow Corvette (Or 3 hours on the roads)

I could have gone out and tried to find a prettier blip, but this is an honest one. This is what I see a great deal of, any time I have to go into Manama anywhere, really. You might notice that the traffic light is green, but we weren't actually moving due to the tailback. This is the flipside of all the "tranquil" Bahrain blips.
Mehmet had to be dropped into the veterinary surgery in town between 8 and 9am. The drive there wasn't too bad, as the early morning rush was over by then (Government ministries and many jobs and schools start at 7.30am). A very nice Irish vet nurse explained all the possible scenarios for treating the cat, including more information about the anaesthetic than I remember Nicky being given before his hip replacement operation! Then I left him there and drove home.
He was ready to be picked up again at 1pm, but by then the lunchtime rush was on, and having left home at 12.45 for what should be a half-hour round trip, I wasn't home till 3pm. Mehmet was pretty much comatose in the cat carrier for all of that time, and when I took him out of it, he was very staggery. However, he perked up when he heard the sound of cat biscuits being poured into his dish (he hadn't eaten since 8pm the previous evening). 

He managed to weave his way to the kitchen, and I removed the plastic head cone so he could eat more easily. But the effort of eating was too much for him, and pretty soon his paws slid sideways and his head drooped into the bowl, and I realised he'd conked out with his head in his lunch, poor thing (see extra)!  He improved marginally as the evening went on, but he's not really that perky. He has subcutaneous stitches now, plus two external 'tacking' stitches, and is on painkillers. 

Nicky and I are onto season 2 of Ozark now. He will only allow us to watch one episode per night (Christina is better for binge-watching with, as she requires an absolute minimum of two epsiodes at one sitting!) because he says it's "a bit dark". This from the man that watched 24 all through the night, and whole seasons of Vikings in a few days. But he never watched The Sopranos,  which I liked.

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