It was a cold and grey morning, but we decided to go out for a walk despite the weather.  For some reason, my knees are particularly sore at the moment, so we chose not to go too far.  On the way, we passed a gate into some land near a local hotel, which is secured with this padlock, obviously with no key, which I thought would make a good subject for Mono Monday.

One of the parts of a padlock is the “shackle”, which is the loop of metal at the top that goes round what is being secured by the padlock.

Looking at this padlock made me think of the potential we all have that could be unlocked if only we find and use the key!  

It also made me think of what “shackles” us in our lives - things that we do that no longer have any relevance, addictions or habits that hold us, temptations that “call” to us, other things that we need to get rid of and perhaps even people who hold us back from realising our full potential.  

At the start of a New Year, maybe it’s time for not only a literal decluttering - and I definitely need to do that - but also an emotional and spiritual one too.  When we have done that, we can move into the year ahead knowing that we are free from those habits, things and people that have been holding us back so that we can be kinder and more loving, not only to ourselves but also to those whose lives we touch every day.

Mr. HCB and I wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year. 

“We spend January 1st 
     walking through our lives, 
          room by room, 
               drawing up a list 
                    of work to be done, 
                         cracks to be patched. 
Maybe this year, 
     to balance the list, 
          we ought to walk through 
               the rooms of our lives...
                    not looking for flaws, 
                         but for potential.”
Ellen Goodman 

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