French Italia

By FrenchItalia

NEW YEARS EVE Goodbye 2018!!

So it was most definately right to.come away for 2 days, and just chill in beautiful Stamford. As I walk round Burghley House estate, the beauty we have here in front of us, and sometimes life passes at such a pace we do not stop and see and appreciate it.

The photo shows you a bend a way round not a straight line..... such is life. Grab it and live it now..

Its been a very difficult 2018, and life changing, thankfully Im through it and realising I did take each day for granted ( I.thought i did not!!) Cancer gave me the gift of living in the now and not procrastinating! Enjoying something in every day and loving more the family I have.

Looking forward to 2019, and staying in the moment and also now planning again.

Forgive, Love, See good in the most difficult of situations, were living in very uncertain times and lets see what 2019 brings us with Brexit.

Happy new year to a wonderful blip community im totally blipped now..

May 2019 be kind all xx

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