All Backed in Trucker Style

This morning started nice and quiet but then it was time to get a few things done. First was to chisel out my mom's CRV as my FIT wouldn't hold the new beer cooler. (extra) OK, a place to put those 10 flaming turkey wings the box stores require you to buy to save a dollar.. After the 6th or 7th you want to forget them and now they can stay happily frozen till...  Amazing what that thing can hold.

The main photo is while I was updating and rewiring my mom's computer (things were attached that some how multiplied and) I picked up my nephew's room, dusted and put all his trucks backed in properly to where they belong. 

Tonight I'm with my mom and nephew to celebrate the new year. Grandma is really busy with her grandson trying to keep him busy and occupied. Lots and lots of laughter. Tomorrow is the Rose Parade on the television along with the Rose Bowl. The Washington Huskies against Ohio State Buckeyes football game. I'm hopeful but...

Happy Happy New Year Everyone

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