Information Retrieval

By Syetuttle

Bells Are Ringing

Crazy day, but a good day. My brother got married to Louise today and I had the pleasure of being best man and candid photographer (see extras). The weather was kind enough not wreck things, venue superb and turn out even better. The speech I had prepped was very nerve wracking despite having a 5 minute slide show doing most of the dirty work (Peter was made to look a fool in a very healthy way indeed).

We got to meet up with some old friends we have not seen for years if not a decade or two, which went down like a dream. Caught up, had a laugh like old times and swapped numbers. Finished off the evening with all the early 90's tunes ringing through us all.... Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, New Order, The Smiths etc.

Ace times.

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