By AMK81


We're encouraged at the start of a new year to think of resolutions. Write to do lists of goals that may or may not be achievable. We often strive for perfection in these vague goals to 'be fitter', 'be thinner', 'be happier', 'be healthier', 'be wealthier'. Be gentle with yourself in the start of the new year. BE KIND to yourself and others. Don't beat yourself up over things you 'failed' to do or things that you feel should be different. Be here, be now and accept things as they are. We're all human and perfection is not an achievable goal. Only in accepting where we are, truly seeing things as they are - seeing the beauty (and pain) within us and around us can we move forward. Start with where you are now and take things step by step and things seem much brighter. Love to you all <3 And may the year ahead bring many new adventures xx

This year for me had been a tough one. But even tough years bring rewards. Sometimes more rewards than the easier ones! I feel like I've learned a lot and gained strength and wisdom from the health issues I've had this year. I've learned to focus more on self-kindness and compassion and these along with mindfulness have been my life line. They've guided me and given me strength and insight.

One of my new adventures I'm planning for this year is to move into my own flat (and away from my parents!) Not a new year's resolution - just a coincidence it's this time of year really. I've been here long enough now and it's time to move on. It may be a challenge for me! I've set my timeline as 3-6 months but that may change. I'm still recovering energies and have a lot of stuff on the attic to go through!! And I could do with saving a few more pennies.

As with any challenge it's scary and exciting! And I'll do it step by step, day by day and eventually I'll get there!!

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