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Happy New Year

New Year's Eve Backblip.

An amusing ocurrence this morning. My two year old granddaughter enjoys playing the piano and singing with me. We were singing nursery rhymes and I started to sing Row Row the boat. She said she'd play the piano and sing it alone and I was to dance and to wear daddy's swimming goggles. Needless to say I did as I was told but was glad that there was no-one around to watch!

We all went to Ipstones in Staffordshire, an hour and three quarters away as I was playing for the New Year's Eve ceilidh. It was a packed hall and pretty crowded for dancing. It was amazing to see one of my neighbours there as the venue was so far from home - she was staying with her daughter in the area and they'd bought ceilidh tickets not knowing that I was playing!

It was my granddaughter's first ceilidh and she really enjoyed herself, even being wide awake for midnight. My daughter-in-law did a wonderful job carrying her in the dances, the blip is of them doing a Strip the Willow in fantastic style. Extras are of the band and Little I trying on my bowler hat - thanks to my son for those photos.

Today marks 5 years of blipping. It's amazing to have kept going without missing a day - I didn't think that I'd even make one year!  Thank you to all my wonderful blip contacts for the stars, hearts and real and virtual friendships - it's a wonderful community. A very happy and healthy New Year to everyone!

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