No one is looking at this

By Limey

Lady in Black

OMG if I never meet this lady again, it will be too soon.
A few vinos and she turned into a SUCH tacky knacker... I didn’t need to hear about all the affairs (yes, plural) she had with her friends’ husbands. The she took over the host’s stereo and BLASTED these 90s boyband tunes off her phone and screaming that we should all go clubbing. 2am, she’s crying about having no man. Mr Limey didn’t want to be left on his own with her.
I felt sorry for her (I was single for years too, I get it), but there’s no point going to a quiet neighborhood dinner party and roar about there being no single men to smooch or proper tunes. However, she was my friend’s client so it wasn’t a straightforward dynamic; you could not just tell her to knock it off. It can’t be easy when your only NYE invite is from one of your vendors.
Anyway, I don’t think Cathy will be invited back.

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