Happy New Year

Met Batman on the dance floor at 5 to midnight. Actually it was my friend Mike who pedalled around Madagascar with me for a fortnight a couple of years ago. It was a nice surprise to see him so we carried on dancing until the band decided to go home!

Then it was time for this Cinderella to go home so I waved goodbye to Mike, Kate & Emma and off I went leaving them to their shots!! Can only imagine how they were feeling this morning.....

After a few hours sleep it was time to trundle off to Enfield again for another family get together to celebrate my Birthday, Nephews Birthday & New Year.....

I received the sparkliest bottle of bubbly ever - it almost matched my Xmas dress!!

Just wondering whether its time to tell my lovely Sister that I have not drunk Babycham for 30 yrs!! This is the 4th yr in a row that I have received a Babycham gift - eek!

My nephew enjoyed blowing out his candles .....

Happy New Year Everyone - Hope you all have a healthy one full of fun & mischief!!

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