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By photomuncher


Hogmanay may belong to the year past, but New Year's Day is a time for looking forward.

Jacqui and I are cyclists.  The main item on our Palmares is a 2246k tour from Paris to the Algarve, completed a year or so after we retired.  A broken shoulder, broken hip and diagnosis of osteoporosis have since reined in our gipsy spirits, but now we are ready for a new adventure.

So where do we look for inspiration?  We have a proven source in the journeys and writings of Anne Mustoe.  Anne made our Paris to Algoz journey possible after we read her first book, A Bike Ride.  She introduced us to the idea that if you ride 50 miles a day, 5 days a week, you can cover 1000 miles in a month - or a little bit more, if you ride yourselves fit and push just a little bit harder.  That spirit took us to the Algarve in 2012 and on two trips from Alicante to Algoz in the years after.

So, where to now?  We fancy St. Malo to Nice this coming early summer.  Madness at our age? A drink-fuelled fantasy?  Well, if we don't first dream it, we won't do it, that is for sure. 

Well, what do you think?

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