Bug Attack

My Christmas tree fell under attack from bugs. Sticky sap, dead bugs and mess so the tree has been evicted (sadly) to my garden a week early. Usually I keep my tree up until Eucharist so I’m a little sad. I’ve kept my fairy lights up and Christmas cards at least.

Caught up on laundry and house chores today inbetween my tax return admin while watching New Year’s Day films. Found time for a transatlantic catch up with my friend Debs via messenger chat this evening.

Alarm set for 0530 tomorrow - that’ll be a shock.

I’ve also now been writing my Blip for four calendar years though my Blip Birthday was 19th December - 1460 blips - wow!

New Year’s resolution is to try and upload my Blip on the day and not fall behind. Watch this space.

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