By AmandaT2013

Why isn't everybody at work?

For the first time in 28 years I have taken the first few days of the new year off.  Why haven't I done it before?  And why have so many other people done it?

We had to take the car for a safety recall check this morning as a wiring harness might be loose which could cause the car to catch fire!  No issues for ours but while we were there they were keen to take our car in part-exchange for a new one!  Apparently our car is in demand.  Well, if so we are in no rush and will wait for them to offer a bit more.  We aren't really thinking of changing as we love our car.

Then we popped to The Mall for a few things and it was packed, and not ideal to resting my hip, but still nice to get out!  Mr T didn't believe it would be busy, but in Skechers they said it was busier than before Christmas.  Anyway, a few bargains were located, including a George Michael calendar which I will take to work.  

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