End of the Season

All good things come to an end.

It has been a very successful and busy Christmas season at Waddesdon. Visitor numbers have been high and the admin systems have all worked well. I have divided my volunteering time between Visitor Information and House Host. It has been tiring at times but always fun.

Today I was in the House on Main Door where our visitors enter the building. It involves checking tickets, making sure bags are carried so as not to risk accidental damage to anything inside and generally welcoming people. There are two of us so there's always someone to chat to. The downside, on a day like today, is that it's a cold job. Almost outside and so I was quite chilled by the end of the shift. The House is now completely closed until mid March although the grounds are open at weekends.

Now home and warm and trying to get to grips with setting out my Blip Book for 2018 using Photobox.

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