Confusing Contentment

By blouseybrown

Special delivery

I've bought an eco cleaning system. I am not advertising it so have tried to obscure the branding. I just wanted to record that it arrived today. Perhaps I was suckered in to targeted advertising, but I did quite a bit of reading up before purchasing and checking what other products of a similar nature were available. The key to this is it is one liquid that you can use for all cleaning requirements. It comes in packaging that is basically the same as wine in a box. Cardboard box with an inner thin plastic bag and a tap. Then you have a refillable spray bottle. It isn't plastic free but it is reduced. The liquid is non-toxic and doesn't have any smell. One of my things is I don't like perfume smells or any strong smells so that is good and I don't want to be washing corrosive or harsh chemicals down the sink. It is non-allergenic. The system includes 2 types of absorbent cloth, which you wash in your machine from time to time, and some abrasive pads for difficult dirt. 

I'm not big on cleaning, but it is nice from time to time to get rid of a bit of grime. Say if people are coming to visit. And it is a job where you can get some satisfaction as a result of your labours by contrasting before and after. I've tried it on the inside oven door that I haven't cleaned ever. It was very dirty with burnt on stuff and it has come up a treat. So for that alone I am happy to not have used harsh scary chemicals that I have used on other ovens I have known, such as when we were moving out of the other house.

OK that is enough about cleaning. Except to say that I don't recall ever being taught to clean. We had 'domestic science' lessons at school, but they were just cooking and cleaning up your cooking area, well that is all I remember. But when I was a teenager we did have chores to do. We had a rota of a room to clean each week and which room it was rotated, so that my mum did each one at some point in the cycle. So I suppose she did show us what was required. And we were responsible for our own ironing. That's why I don't really do ironing, but buy clothes that don't require it as much as possible.

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