Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

Railway Cloisters

Today was an admin day... Finalising the accounts for the barbering business.  Going through each day, and working out mileage costs etc...  You would think that I would keep on top of it quite routinely  (I do with the gallery!) When you've done a 8 hour day in one location, then dashing off out to do haircuts, by the time you get in, it's time to snack then sleep! The one thing I've started to do though, is manage the diary a bit better so I'm not out all the time, therefore allowing me to keep on top and do some art.  

I've actually sold quite a lot of my own now in the gallery during 2018 and the most popular was work I produced for Tour de Yorkshire! , The last piece was a commission for someone's Christmas Box.  The Client was over the moon :))  

After tea, I popped to the train station and no trains were due.  Sounds about right (lol) so a roof shot that resembles Cloisters. 

Hope you've all had a great day 'Carry on Blipping!' :)


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