AbstractThursday184 Extrusion

Today I braved it to Slimming World and astonished myself by losing a pound!.  A good friend has decided to join me  and I hoping that we will be able to encourage each other to stick to the plan and reach our targets this year.
I'm not sure exactly what I did with the rest of the day, but it did pass rather quickly, so that as usual these days, it was dark by the time I got round to thinking about an abstract, so the light was poor.  My image began with a shot of a rather lovely necklace given to me at Christmas by Mr MC, placed on a piece of purple metalic wrapping paper.  I tried various techniques in PS Elements, to make it abstract but in the end decided that the Extrude filter suited it best.  the original is in extras so that you can see the necklace.
Many thanks to Ingeborg for her continued hosting.

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