twinned with trumpton


A traditional (!) start to tne new year - standing in her street watching the fireworks. 
Then in with her lad, his girl and Still Game / Graham Norton / can't remember; the TV was incidental as it was mostly good irreverent chat til 3 when fatigue stepped in.
Up around 10; slowly came to; and then prompted by misinformation re shop opening hours we headed off to Princes St; found out we were foiled and went for brunch at Grams at Haymarket; she with Canadian pancakes, me with avocado on toast with poached eggs. Eat Better Not Less, they said. We'll see how that progresses. 
Then home; brunch for los ninos, then we went off in search of a new sofa pour moi. Which we found. I'll go back and order it sometime soon, but yeah...
Home we went and settled in for steak and wedges. I finally made it home around midnight. 

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