Art Quilter Pictures

By friedaquilter

Collage no. 1

My intention this year is to take it easy. Last year was a full on year what with the #365somethings2018 project, getting another dog, doing lots of online classes etc. This year I'm aiming to do more stitching, do stuff just for me, enjoy relaxing walks with the dogs, work on dog training with Nico and read more books. But I still wanted to have some sort of art project to make sure that apart from leg muscles I also excercise my art ones. So I have returned to a project I first did back in 2015 where I did a daily collage with Shelley Klammer called Emotional Healing with Creativity. 

I am giving it my own spin as I aim to make only one collage every week but I will allow myself more time than the 10 to 15 minutes she advised. I'm calling it my #52collages2019 and will be posting both here and a detail of the collage on my Instagram feed.. Here is no. 1

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