Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Jam Pots

Not a lot happening today. Feels slightly unfocused though I did some baking for tomorrow and took Otter for a walk. Had a poke around in the garden and was delighted to see all the signs of life despite being in the depths of winter. Joined the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Popped into the vet to talk about Flora's digestive issues. She has an appointment tomorrow anyway for her second lot of jags but she might not get them if her tummy doesn't settle down.

I used to trawl junk shops and antique fairs for items such as these jam pots. I no longer do that because I have more than enough and the dresser is crowded with ceramic pieces which aren't used. I do like them though. I've had these two for over 30 years. The pansy one doesn't have any identifying marks at all. The other one, on the left, is Crown Ducal 'Rosemary' and I think is from 1930s. I have beautiful silver jamspoons too but they're in sore need of a polish so not for blipping.

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